Monday, February 26, 2007

TV is FUN Again!

It’s like the old days at last…

It’s been a while since I thought that the TV was fun to watch, in the old sense of the word. Last year saw the rise of a number of new series both here and in the states and this year is proving no different.

Some of the stuff I have been watching is:

“Life on Mars”, surely the best-written series, by a long ways, in years to come from the BBC. Great research by the creative team and also great acting – which all adds up to a terrific romp and keeps me in stitches at times!

“Primeval”, on ITV, surely the best ITV series again in years. This is how I personally think the new Dr Who and Torchwood series should have been written. I think this week’s episode should have had a fully flooded basement, but then again…like I said in an earlier Blog, sometimes we just have to remember it’s just meant to be fun.

“Supernatural”, I haven’t watched any of this second series and think I may have missed the first couple when recording them, although I hope not. I’ll be setting time aside this week to watch the episodes I have recorded though.

“Heroes”, my friend, John, who is also my accountant, told me about this series, having only read about it on the Internet. I was told it was a good series…he wasn’t wrong. I watched the first two episodes on the SciFi channel this week gone and it’s very well done.

Another, which John told me about I saw earlier this evening on Sky, called “The Dresden Files”, about a latter day Wizard called Harry, great move that, set in Chicago. This week’s episode “The Boone Identity” was interesting and I’ll certainly be watching next week’s.

A few great old movies showed over the weekend too, first off was, “The Knights of the Round Table”, with Robert Taylor as Lancelot and secondly, “The Devil Rides Out”, with Christopher Lee in the main role.

Well I need to catch up on work after watching this little lot so,

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
February 26th 2007

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