Thursday, February 15, 2007

Eventful day or what?

Or...Good grief is that the time already?

Well things have been so busy for me this Wednesday that there wasn't much time to come up with much of a musing. Which from the comments from some of you folks out there may be a small mercy, as the previous ones have been a tad lengthy at times.

First up were lots of general day-to-day business dealings. You know the kind of things I mean, emails, letters phone calls, faxes and then some.

Next up saw me drawing some turnaround concept artwork for the new range of resin figurines we are looking at producing here at Wizards Keep. These aren’t the finished ones, but were intended to get me into the swing of things and loosen me up a little, ready to work on the final versions.

Next up was the swapping of Valentines gifts with my wife, Margaret…and then it was off to the fantasy Art Course.

Next was this week’s Fantasy Art Course session, where we discussed some of the same subjects contained within my recent blogs. Some great work produced again by my students. I’ll have to post some pieces soon.

Then it was off to the BBC for an interview session with Nichola Dixon, who made me feel quite at home. I really enjoyed our little chat on the radio and as folks that know me will attest to, we overshot the allotted spot by fifteen minutes…well she did ask me questions to do with comics, my courses and art in general I suppose…

Despite this though, there were so many questions she never got around to, she may get me back in sometime…some folks just don’t learn…But seriously though if you read this blog, Nichola, thanks for the interview…I really enjoyed it and I had great fun.

Then when I got home it was time to eat…at last, with my good lady wife, Margaret, who had waited patiently for me to return home at long last…and she had continued working on some creative stuff for Wizards Keep during the evening…I can’t say too much, at the moment, but I will say, watch this space…it’s going
to be great!

One nice Indian take-away later and I had to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to the conference centre in Keele University Conference Park, where Wizards Keep are attending a networking event. It’s another opportunity to push the Wizards Keep brand and product range and there’s a three-course meal attached to the event, which will be nice…I’ve seen the menu…

When we return I have to arrange for yet another trip on Friday, this time to Derbyshire and a second networking meeting with the sculptors, painters and manufacturers that I spoke to in late summer last year. This time, however, Margaret is accompanying me and I hope to be closer to getting the figurines in production soon.

I would like to thank my youngest student on the Fantasy Art Unlimited, Lewis Costello, for his support during the radio interview, where he contributed to the online emailing sessions…Keep your eyes on this young guy…I think he’ll be HOT one day…in the not too distant future…again watch this space…

Tim Perkins…
February 14th 2007

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Lewis Costello said...

Aw, shucks... ;)
Thanks alot! Well my mentor is somebody who has done almost exactly what I want to do- so that helps very much so...