Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bentley’s First Haircut…


Hi Guys,

Here is the first of a series of first specials for my little pal, Bentley.

One thing I asked for, when I took him along to the dog grooming salon, was not to give him a “Phil Mitchell”, which for those unfamiliar with the term, relates to one of the Mitchell brothers characters from the Eastenders…in other words, not a number one on the shaver.

He came back with more hair than that, but although he had, he still looked so different with a much shorter coat.

He seemed quite pleased with his little self on returning home, but also a bit bemused to see his shorter hair.



From arriving here on day one he has enjoyed sitting on my knee at the computers and the drawing board.

Any artists reading this should try working with a little Yorkshire terror, sorry I mean, terrier on their lap.

Following this one, featuring his first trip to the hairdressers, will be photo sets of the little fellow entitled:

  • Bentley’s New Coat
  • Bentley’s New Car Seat
  • Bentley’s Long Walk Adventure
  • Bentley’s Second Long Walk Adventure
  • Then I’ll show you the best of some miscellaneous photos of him and his friends

Yes, some folks think I am a little mad, but I hope you enjoy looking at my little buddy, who spends one ecch of a lot of time with me in the studio and going all over with me on my travels.

Up to press he has been to the centre where I hold my Fantasy Art Course, my Printers, Toontastic and lots of other places besides.

I thought I would share some of those fun moments with you.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
February 26th 2009

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