Monday, February 02, 2009


Or…once again the UK comes to a standstill…

Hi Guys,

Well once again in these fair isles of ours, despite the fact we all knew it was coming, the folks in power decided not to let out the Gritters…until after the snow had fallen.

Then we listen to the media, who have shifted the emphasis of the news for moment to the weather, away from the global recession, which they have been promoting for a period of around eighteen months, or so, gradually increasing public awareness to the impending Armageddon, until their prophecy of doom arrived. Like they say, throw enough dirt and some of it will stick!!!

Well, like the aforementioned dirt, the prophesised snow started to arrive yesterday, or at least it did around these parts and this morning the UK has awoken to sheer chaos.

Now okay there are snow falls around the 10cm mark and others around the 30cm mark, but hang on a second, here’s a novel thought, send the Gritters out before the main fall of snow and it should help and maybe a plough or too wouldn’t go amiss either.

You look at parts of Europe and parts of the United States where this would be an hours’ snowfall and they don’t seem to stop for long before the traffic is moving again. We get snow of any amount and the country comes to a standstill.

I remember going back out to the Defiant offices at the beginning of January 1994 and New York seeing eighteen inches of snow on the Friday and another twenty-four inches arriving on top of this on the Saturday. Sure the traffic stopped, but not for long. The snowploughs arrived and simply moved up the streets ploughing the snow from the middle creating small hillocks on either sidewalk, which the owners of the stores, hotels, offices, etc simply dug little passageways through to get to cross the street.

The last time I remember seeing anything like that was in 1980/81 and we got a real blizzard here in this area. The snow didn’t last more than a week, but there was a lot of it. The time before that, I was a kid, way back in the early/mid-sixties and I remember my Dad and me digging a tunnel down the road to the shop. Although back then it snowed more often and there was always more than we tend to see nowadays. It does get bad in this neck of the woods, but the lack of forethought about dealing with the impending snow, rather than it’s aftermath is the reason we see so much chaos.

Oh well at least today we are hearing about the chaos of the roads and not the recession. If only we could get the media to push other, much more worthy of news casting, affairs, we could then change the world for the better, it obviously worked for the doom and gloom patrol.

Sure folks, we are in a bad way at the moment globally, mainly because of a small amount of greedy individuals (we all know who they are) but we need positive thinking and folks to start spending a little again. It stands to sense if I don’t buy off you and you don’t buy of him and he doesn’t buy off her and so on and so forth then the world economy fast comes to a halt and we see the domino effect in action!

Oh well, soon be summer and then here in the UK, surrounded by water as a small island nation we may have to endure water rationing again!!!

Maybe Monty Python were right with their sketch about the game show, “Spot the Brain Cell”, maybe we should look at the folks in power taking part in a new show of the same name, but for real.

What do you think…?

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Tim Perkins…
February 2nd 2009


craftkitten said...

I loved seeing NYC is the snow for the first time. I reminded me of every movie that I had watched for years earlier.

You weren't there, but weeks before you arrived, I was leaving the offices with joe james and we turned the corner of 37th st onto 5th ave and one side of the block was taken over with fake snow and an old 1940's cab. It was fall, and not cold, but half the block is covered in fake white stuff and i feel like, damn, how cool is this?

sorry to hear that you're snowed in. drive carefully if you head out! Good for staying in the studio however.

Tim Perkins said...

Hey Craftkitten,

Thanks for your comment and dropping by.

What is your real name, so I know who you are?

NYC is an absolutely wonderful place and I hope to get back there again real soon to catch up with old friends and stuff.

I was actually out there in NYC during the fall 0f '93.

I had originally arrived in August and I surprised my family when I came back home to England during Christmas week, unbeknownst to my wife and kids, which lead to joy and tears for all of us.

I had arranged with my wife's sister to pick me up from the airport early morning. She had been taking the kids to school, as Margaret didn't drive at the time and dropping my wife at work, so when they all came out to the car and I got out from hiding...words cannot describe the was great!!!

The Christmas period was great and it snowed on Christmas morning and made the time even more special.

I then went back out to NYC in the first week of the new year until April '94.

So If you let me know who you are I will probably remember you.

Are you still in contact with Joe and the gang?

Best Wishes,