Sunday, September 27, 2009

British International Comics Show 2009…

Comics Convention Saturday 3rd October – 4th October.

Hi Guys,

Well, it’s that time of year again and it has crept right up on me again, like a Frank Miller Ninja.

I really cannot fathom where the time is actually going. There is a theory that as we approach the galactic line up in 2010, time is actually getting faster, well although it’s only a theory, the way things are going I would be tempted to say that statement is bang on, as I cannot believe we are so late in the year again.

Well I will be popping down to Birmingham again this coming weekend. I will be at the launch party on the Friday and the convention on the Saturday, so if you see me, please come over and have a chat, don’t be shy.

I will have the completed pencil pages for Worlds End with me to show you and also some Ashcans and other bits and bobs of merchandising for sale.

Time hasn’t allowed me to sort a table, unfortunately, but I will have copies on me all the time I am there, so feel free to ask for one or ten.

If there is anything in particular you would like to buy off me, please just drop me a line and I’ll bring whatever it is along too.

I’ll have my trusty camera with me too, so will try and remember to take photos of all the madcap mayhem within the halls there.

The digitally painted pages are coming together nicely at the moment, which is great. I’ll have more to say about the work soon.

BTW: a few other things you may want to check out:

Al Davison will be launching his new graphic novel, at the convention.

Paul H Birch will hopefully have some of his new comic books by legendary artist, Alex Nino over the weekend, I know I intend to buy my copies off him, whilst there.

Show co-organiser, Shane Chebsey also has a new B&W comic book, Sardine Solitude, which my printers have done the honours on. It looks great and it reminds me a little of Mike Mignola.

So there will be plenty of stuff to check out and buy for everyone visiting.

Looking forward to seeing some of you guys soon.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins
August 27th 2009

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