Saturday, September 12, 2009

Worlds End Update…

An update on the forthcoming graphic novel series.

Hi Guys,

As I said the other day there doesn’t seem to be much time for writing Blogs at the moment, except for smaller titbits like this one.

I thought I would continue to let you guys know the ever-increasing progress being made on the graphic novel.

The scanning of the pages is now done and the cleaning process of the original blue-line artwork is now almost complete. These I have been uploading for Yelena to do her Flatting Wizardry or Witchery upon and she is making a very fine job of doing so. The pages are continuing to arrive back here and they look fantastic. This is making things faster for me and enabling me to work on the design aspect of the book, as well as the digital painting and also allowing me a little time to concentrate on the colouring book too, which is also due for release.

I have also sent a PDF of the finished pencil pages and my final draft of the script, for final subbing by James, who is casting his eagle eye over the project, as you read this Blog, whilst on holiday, so no rest for the wicked in this game.

As soon as the final editing is completed I will be speaking to Richard and scheduling the lettering into the mix.

Each week that passes at the moment is a productive one and the end of the tunnel is almost in sight now.

I have chosen not to show any further pages until later in the process of production, but in the meantime the Ashcan, which contains artwork, which will not be in the graphic novel is on sale at the Wizards Keep website, for £1.50 and comes with a £2.50 money back voucher, which can be redeemed against the cost of the graphic novel upon release.

That said here is a version of the Ashcan back cover artwork, as coloured by that legend in comicdom, John Ridgway. John coloured this for me several months ago, just because, as he said, he loved the illustration and fancied colouring it up to see what it could look like with his colours. Thanks John!! I am sure you guys will agree with me that it is superb!

Below: Worlds End Ashcan Back Cover Art:
Pencils: Tim Perkins
Colours: John Ridgway

If you want to see more of John’s wonderful colouring, you can check out his latest stuff within the pages of Spaceship Away.

Advanced orders for the graphic novel will also be taken shortly, by simply placing an order for the book in the website shop. An announcement here on the Blog and on the website will be issued when this process becomes available.

Oh well back to the cleaning…where’s me brush…

Until next time have fun!
Tim Perkins…
September 12th 2009

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