Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Worlds End Pencils Finished…

An update on the forthcoming graphic novel series.

Hi Guys,

Wow what an insane couple of weeks that was, hence the lack of Blogs from me for over a week. I ended up helping a good illustrator friend of mine to meet a deadline on his children’s book. The deadline was tight and the work needed very detailed digital painting to complete it. I did the backgrounds to 16 DPS’s (Double Page Spreads) in just over a week. The brief asked for Disney standard background artwork, I guess nothing more need be said by the standard of work, which was expected there. Each set of pages had between five and six panels per spread on each. It was a mammoth job, but despite the speed at which I had to work it was an enjoyable experience for me.

I thought I would just pop in this quick extra Blog, as recently many folks from all over the world have been asking on the various networks and via email how the Worlds End book is coming along?

Well at long last the pencils are finally finished for the first volume of Worlds End and now that this part of the project is done I can scan the artwork and then clean it up reading for digitally painting it in Photoshop. The year is pressing on regardless and I have to get a lot of work completed before we see print.

I am hiring a letterer to help out with that part of the comic, although I will still be handling the graphic design and making suggestions for the fonts, etc, to free me up to concentrate on the painting and the design of the book, with all its elements. I am also thinking of hiring an assistant to help with all the flat colouring to further help meet my deadlines, which I have set for the publication date. I’ll let you know who these guys are going to be, soon.

My illness a couple of months, or so ago, has set me back somewhat and the advice that the doctors gave me has given me enough cause for concern to slow down a little, although my wife and family would certainly argue the case with me here, as they still see me working all hours to finish this book, meet my Hot Wheels deadlines, run the company from day-to-day and keep up with the huge network I have established across the Internet nowadays.

I am excited now though, because the drawing is finally done and all that remains, although still a big job, is to paint the finished pages now.

That said I have recently hired the very capable talents of Yel Zamor, whom you may remember from last year’s Blogs on Markosia comics’ Relentless comic, which she coloured for us. I spoke to Yel a few days ago and asked if she was interested in producing some of the flat colours for me, to free my time up a little, so as to get ahead again with the production of the book. She very kindly agreed, despite being busy on a book for Orang Utan Comics and another for Markosia, see I said she would become an in demand colourist.

I am so grateful for the help she will soon be providing me with here at the Keep.
Toontastic Publishing's Editor-in-Chief James Hill has agreed to act as co-editor on the book to give it his eagle eye with the proof reading and such and again is a great addition to the team now working on the book with me.

I have shown a handful of folks in the industry the final book, as it stands, at the pencils stage and I am excited by their positive comments and support I am receiving from my peers.

I hope you guys agree and enjoy it as much as I did producing it when we see publication.

Until next time have fun!
Tim Perkins…
September 2nd 2009

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