Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Worlds End Update…

An update on the forthcoming graphic novel series...

Hi Guys,

There doesn’t seem to be much time for writing Blogs at the moment, but taking a break from the computers, I figured I could release a few more snippets of news to the world about the SOP here at the Keep.

Presently I am doing two things here:

The first is scanning and cleaning the original blueline artwork, which I am transposing to Greyscale and then adding digital borders and setting out the base layers. These I am then uploading for Yelena to do her Flatting Wizardry or Witchery. The pages are beginning to arrive back here and they look fantastic. This is really going to make things faster for me in the long run.

The second thing I am doing is giving the script the final once over, making sure the grammar is correct, that the typos are, at least hopefully, ironed out and that the heroes and villains read correctly and are all true to their characters. Once this is finalised I will then send over the script and a copy of the line art for final subbing by James.

I said in my last Blog that I would let you know who was going to letter the book, once I had finalised the availability of the letterer. When I first decided upon this route of creating my own graphic novels I only had one guy in mind to produce the lettering. Many folks believe the lettering is unimportant, luckily for me neither the letterer in question or I agree with that statement at all.

Bad lettering can ruin an otherwise good book, like all the stages in a comic or graphic novel’s development and production. I like to pride myself with working with the best suppliers in the business and the best creative folks in the business too. As a consequence I felt I had to use the best letterer in the business, enter: Richard Starkings. Some of you may have seen the news pages on the Website the other day, when we announced this, but for those who haven’t I thought I would like to add I cannot wait to see the final book, once Richard has put his lettering Wizardry to work.

I am so grateful for the help these guys are providing me with here at the Keep and cannot wait to share that with you all once the book is complete.

I wasn’t going to show any further pages for the graphic novel, certainly not until the book is ready for publication, but decided that this one, not shown in public before deserved to be seen, after Yelena had sent it, the first of the flatted pages, over to us, here at the Keep, earlier today.

It will be some days before I am able to start work on the final digital painting, as there is still a lot of work to be done with the cleaning of the artwork files, but I have to admit I cannot wait now!

Below: Worlds End – Volume 1 - Page 7:

I have some Blog material on the computer in notational form at the moment, but for the next few days at least I reckon my hands will be full with the present workload, so more shorter Blogs, such as these may be the norm for a while, whilst I try to forge my way forward.

Now at last I can actually say with confidence;

Worlds End Volume 1 – Riders on the Storm

Until next time have fun!
Tim Perkins…
September 8th 2009


jon haward said...

great news tim, very pleased it's all moving on with a cracking team also look forward to seeing the book in print

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for that.

Yes, the team is a great one, with Yelena, James, and Rich on board.

I have another couple of surprises for everyone too, for the final book, but I am staying quiet about that at the moment.

More pages have arrived from Yelena today and I can't wait to start the final rendering, I can tell you.

First though more scanning and cleaning and I also have the script to give the once over still and then I can look at digital painting at long last.

More news soon, mate.

In the meantime, as always, thanks for your support.