Thursday, December 18, 2008


Created by Artist - Writer - Designer, Mike Jupp…

Hi Guys,

Today I thought I would promote the fantastic artwork of my good buddy, Mike Jupp.

Juppy, as everyone calls him, is also the creator of the famous animated cartoon series from the early nineties, which I drew the comic for, Dreamstone.

He is a first class illustrator and there is a link to his website on the Wizards Keep website under the Illustrators section to see more.

The latest one for sale is the re-named Millennium Jigsaw, now entitled, “I Love Great Britain”.

Other Jigsaws include:

“Rustic Revels”, a series of four matching, seasonal, countryside paintings.

“I Love Car Boot Sales” an accompanying Jigsaw to the Great Britain one.

There is also a new series due for release in 2009.

Now as much as I respect and admire the man, his work is painstakingly, nay down right obsessively detailed, and if you spend a month studying the artwork, you will still find something else hidden away in the depths.

These magnificent Jigsaws are available from all good stockists

Or Direct from



There that’s another stocking filler sorted.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
December 18th 2008

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