Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pickwick Night...

A Dickens night out in the local village of Whalley…

As I mentioned last year on my Blog, tonight will see me once again attending the annual Pickwick evening in Whalley here in the UK, whereby all the folks in the local shops and lots of charity stands, get togged up in Dickens costumes to sell their wares for charity. I have been going along with my Mum and Dad for a good number of years, although only my Dad and I are going this year, due to my Mum still recuperating from her operation back in September. I will of course be taking some photographs, weather permitting for her and I am sure dad and I will take her some goodies back.

It’s always great fun and full of Christmas lights and the aromas of mince pies, candyfloss, sweets, steak and onions, and mulled wine and Christmas spices always fill the senses with that most wonderful delight, which accompanies this time of year.

I’ll be once again be taking my yearly look at the UK’s answer to the Griswold’s Family Christmas in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation where a mother and daughter that live next door to each other in semi-detached houses completely decorate their houses, so that not one single inch of garden or house on either side of the fence is left uncovered by fairy lights and illuminated decorations.

This year the weather is certainly wintery with a covering of snow everywhere and this makes it feel all the more Christmassy.

One year in particular, as I said in my Blog last year, it snowed lightly all evening and was just perfect. At the moment it is snowing all over, especially in the North West of England and Scotland.

Once again, please don’t forget, if any of you guys are in the area, just look for Scrooge and a kindly gentleman and stop my Dad and I to have a chat…

Just to remind you all, like last year, this year I am going to try to make it interesting for you, because if you find me, I’ll do you a free sketch, and I’ll give the money you would have spent to the charity usually supported by my brother Chris and his wife. If the weather is unfavourable I will take your details and ship the sketch out free of charge, but if the weather is just right I will sketch for you at the event amongst the Christmassy goings-on!

This year as an extra bonus if you see me and can give me the answer to this quick question, I will hand over a surprise early Christmas present; “What was the first comic I worked on for Marvel UK back in the eighties?”

So don’t be shy come over and have a chat and maybe we can have a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine.

To help you once again in this endeavour I will be wearing my black Defiant Cap emblazoned with the Defiant Logo in white from my days working out in New York for Jim Shooter’s Defiant Comics.

T-minus 21 days and counting guys…

And don’t forget to have a look at the
Wizards Keep Website for some special offers open throughout the season until the 1st of January, inclusive.

You will also see some superb ideas for presents on the
Believe in Dreams website too.

Now then where’s that other glass of mulled wine got to…?

Well I need to be warm for when I go out into the winter’s night, don’t I?

Hopefully see you tonight…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

December 4th 2008

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