Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Review of this year’s Pickwick Night…

Festive Fun and Photos…

Hi Guys,

I thought I would let you hear about this year’s night of festive fun and frivolities down in the village of Whalley, on the evening of Thursday 4th of December.

The weather was cold and the snow didn’t stay in some places hereabouts, but it held long enough for all to experience a great time down there.

As always the mother and daughter duo (the UK's equivalent of the Family Grizewold) did a fine job of decorating their houses.

Lots of folks dressed in period costume.

Charities were well represented as always.

The surprise of the evening for me was seeing my brother Chris and his wife Julie, also dressed in period costume, as they do ever year they attend, but this year promoting his new business Mydas Touch.

He bought a brilliant folding card snow globe from the stall for my Mum that for all this world looks like a glass globe, when set up.

They had some great products on show and for sale, more of this in the New Year.

My Dad and I had a supper of fish and chips, which we ate as we sauntered around the village sampling the atmosphere and ambiance of the place.

There were lots of Christmas lights, loud music from the automated and animated organs on display, and the smells of Christmas spice, and mulled wine pervaded the entire village.

The Church looked lovely as usual and the village really is straight out of a picture postcard Christmas card scene, especially at this time of year.

The event always kick starts the seasonal period for me…it was just a shame Mum was unable to be there, although she was waiting up for us when we returned and we had a right old chin-wag until the early hours following the trip out.

It did start to drizzle a little as we returned to my car, which I had parked a five or ten minute walk away, outside my brother’s house, but not enough to dampen the evening.

Here are some photos I took of our time there:

A Cosy Winter's Light in an Alms House Window

A Victorian Peeler & Gentleman

My Brother, Chris and his Wife, Julie in period costume at their "Mydas Touch" Stall

Chris & Friend

The UK Family Grizewold's Christmas Decorations

The UK Family Grizewold's Christmas Decorations

The UK Family Grizewold's Christmas Decorations
Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
December 13th 2008

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