Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Seasonal e-card from Wizards Keep…

Hey we are doing our bit for the environment again…

Hi Guys,

Here, a little later then anticipated due to the current workload, for your delectation is the latest e-card I will be sending out to folks over the next few weeks or so.

This year’s card is entitled “The Last Drop” and is also available as a limited edition A5 card set, which you can purchase from Wizards Keep. A second card, the one from last year, which got lots of folks asking if they would ever become available, entitled, “Christmas Surprise” and the variant version “The Night Before Christmas” are also being made available. As well as this two other cards entitled, "Santa's Helpers" and "Worlds End -Ralf on the Rocks", utilising the existing, now famous branding image from the homepage of the Wizards Keep website are also being made available to buy.

The Cards can be mixed and matched, come in packs of sixes and twelve’s and come complete with envelopes.

All we need from customers is the amounts of each card and the rest will be done by the guys at the Keep.

They are available from now to purchase from the Website up to Saturday 20th December within the UK and Channel Islands - Friday 5th December for South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia – Wednesday 10th December for USA, Canada, Japan, and Eastern Europe – Friday 12th December for Western Europe.

Keep looking out over the holiday season here at Wizards Keep for competitions, and lots more festive fun besides!!!

Also why not pay a visit to our sister website at Believe in Dreams for special seasonal offers for all your Christmas present buying needs all throughout the season.

I hope you guys are all ready for Christmas, as it’s just around the corner now.

As usual it’s a mad rush here trying to complete everything in time to try and take a little break…some hope!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
December 7th 2008


Lee Townsend said...

Nice Xmas card Tim! I have been saying I should do one for myself about 10 years now!

Tim Perkins said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lee.

Yeah, you must do a card next year.

I would love to see it.

All the Very Best for Christmas and the New Year, mate!!!