Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Favourites 01…

Christmas Puddings & Custard or Brandy Sauce…

Hi Guys,

Well here I am with the first of my favourite things to eat at Christmastime.

No matter how many meals out we are invited to during this period and how many different choices of sweets I am faced with this particular traditional one is number one on the list for me and I never resist the temptation to indulge myself with a portion, or two if Margaret is full and does not fancy anything else on the menu.

This year will hopefully be no different, well not if I can help it.

Something else I love at this time of year are honey-roasted peanuts, which I can never get enough of.

Well I’ll leave you to guess what tomorrow’s treats will be and those of the following three remaining Blogs in this short series of five.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

December 17th 2009

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