Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Gift of Giving…

Love and Presents…

Hi Guys,

Personally I love this time of year, despite the accusations of it being too commercialised nowadays. It is like anything, to my mind, it is all about moderation.

What I like best is the ability to make people you love, dearly smile, as you hand over a gift to them. Okay don’t get me wrong I love to receive gifts too, but there is something about the nature of giving at this time of year especially, that makes one feel warm inside.

Even World War Two stopped for a short while to give the soldiers on all side a respite from the fighting. If only we could bottle up the essence of the nature of Christmas, at its best and put that into the water supply eh? Hmm…maybe there’s a new story there for me…

One of the favourite things for me when I was a kid, was that amongst the toys and other gifts there were always the annuals and books, which, when all the festivities had finished and the normality of life resumed for the remainder of the winter months there were always the books and the annuals to read.

This continues to this very day with me, as my family give me all manner of toys and books, as though I am the biggest kid on the house…okay well yes, I guess they are correct in that assumption, but for me it is nice to know the days of my youth are constantly being rekindled by those around me.

I know I am personally looking forward to the grand Christmas Day gathering, which should see us all together at our home, sharing some great food, some great gifts, some great TV, or a movie or two on DVD and perhaps the greatest one of all, love.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

December 15th 2009

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