Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Favourites 03…


Hi Guys,

Well here I am with the third of my favourite things to eat at Christmastime.

Well, like yesterday’s Blog, tradition takes over for me with this one too and a Turkey dinner without Stuffing is not a Turkey dinner. I like the out-of-the-pack Paxo stuff, but you cannot beat homemade stuffing with herbs and spices added to sausage meat and apple, or cranberry, or apricot, or orange…hmm my mouth is watering already.

I always loved the carry-on type humour on some British TV comedy Christmas Specials, which would have two characters that fallen out previously sitting at dinner and see one of them asked, by the waiter, if he would like stuffing, to which the other character, still fuming would retort back, yes he should be!

Something else I love at this time of year is sharing a wee dram or two of my favourite single malt, Dalwhinnie with my best friend, Paul. Although we don’t mind sampling most single malts either, given the chance.

Well I’ll leave you to guess what tomorrow’s treats will be and those of the remaining Blog in this short series of five.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

December 19th 2009

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