Tuesday, December 01, 2009

T-Minus 25 Days and Counting...

Hope you have written your lists kiddiewinks…

Hi Guys,

Well here we are with the first of my Seasonal Blogs, as promised yesterday. This is a first for me, having one for each day, which will hopefully provide you with some festive fun and frolics for you too!

Yesterday saw me announce the FREE shipping offer for ALL orders over £100.00 and a list of the final postal dates for delivery in time for Christmas, here on the Blog.

Today sees the release of this year’s official Christmas card, which was added to the existing greetings cards in the Wizards Keep Shop, over on the website today.

You check out a larger version of the card cover and one of the artwork sans typography by clicking here too.

It also sees me looking back at 2009. I don’t know what happened to the year, but I blinked and it suddenly disappeared and I found myself in the here and now!

Unfortunately I missed all of my scheduled UK comic conventions, due to my workload and factors outside my control, but was delighted to attend the first ever Malta Comicon over the Halloween weekend.

Another highlight for me was setting up the affordable litho printing service at the start of 2009, which many of the folks in the UK comics industry have tried and found to be incredibly great value for money. Anyone wishing to know more should drop me a line at the Website email address.

I am continuing to work apace on Worlds End – Volume 01 – The Riders on the Storm graphic novel. I am very happy with the work, thus far and the remarks from those having seen it up to now have inspired me to new heights, so thanks to those concerned. I also have to say a special thanks to my wife and family, who continue to persevere with my working long hours to fit everything in.

I decided to hire a colour assistant on the book, earlier in 2008, Yel Zamor, who has helped enormously by producing the flat colouring for me. This was completed a short while ago and has helped enormously in the production of the digital painting process.

There are a number of projects lined up for release in 2010 and these are definitely on the 2010 schedule, as you read this Blog. Look for my Blog early in the New Year for all the information pertaining to all the forthcoming events and releases.

Now then, this is a seasonal Blog after all and one for my kiddie-wink type fans. I hope all you guys have sent off your letters to Santa. I have and this year I have managed to do this early, as part of my new resolutions for the New Year.
The last few years I have been pushing my luck, really, by sending the letters to Santa at the last minute, but this year I figured I would send it early to avoid it getting to him on time.

I hope you join me with your Mums and Dads, as each day we countdown to Christmas day, looking at lots of things, which remind me of Christmas and make this time of year so special for everyone.

Do drop me a line, especially if it is snowing near where you live.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
December 1st 2009

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