Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spare a thought over this season of goodwill…

Or share a little kindness…

Hi Guys,

We all tend to do our bit for the elderly, if we have any decency at this time of year, but what about our furry and feathered friends that live outside?

How many of us remember that this time of year means it can be hard for our friends from the wild to survive?

My mate, Bentley Bogtrotter is all the reminder that I need. When he goes outside at the moment, he does what he needs to then he lets me know he wants to come in, no messing, whereas in the warmer months he quite happily plays outside for a while, or whiles away the hours nonchalantly chewing on a bone in the shade of one of the trees outside.

We are quite lucky, living as we do near to the outskirts of town, with fields and a large reservoir at the side of the house, so we are quite often frequented by all manner of wildlife, although the Herons have been away for a number of years thankfully, as they liked to go on raiding parties, which ended up with several of our larger fish in the pond outside being killed.

Our trees here are decorated with balls and dangly things of all shapes and sizes, all full of goodies for the local birds and other wildlife that may chance upon them. We had to hang them in the main part of the garden at the back of the house, as Colin decided he quite liked the taste himself, when they dangled from some of the trees in the patio area. They were a little too high for Bentley to reach, but even he had his eye on the tasty treats.

Anyhow, I am off now to make some more preparations for New Years Eve and Day, when we will be joined by family and friends once again for a little more festive fun, before turning our sights on what 2010 will have in store for us.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

December 29th 2009


MaureenHume said...

Good on you, Tim, for reminding people that our furry and feathered friends sometimes need a gentle hand of support.
I live in Australia and we're quite literally browned off at the moment, no water and no food, so we keep the watering hole topped up with fresh water and scatter appropriate food around for our tiny mates.
We have twin baby Potoroos (really, really small kangaroo type animals) bouncing around the backyard right now and I get such a buzz seeing them thrive. The mama raises her babies here every year because she knows she'll always find food and water.
Maureen. www.thepizzagang.com

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Sounds like you have fun with the animals there too!

I just took a look at your children's book, "The Pizza Gang"...sounds like you are having fun with the characters inside there too.

I hope you are having a wonderful time over this Christmas holiday.

Good Luck in the New Year with your book.

Best Wishes,